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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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at midnight, an all new else of "dateline nbc." rain is falling throughout much of the washington area and it's expected to get heavier overnight and make for a miserable monday morning commute. good sunday. i'm craig melvin. the roads are just wet right
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now but tomorrow morning could be an entirely differentory. some parts of the metro area have seen light showers while there's been no heavy rains yet. dopours are expected to move operate. there's a flash flood watch in effect. meteorologist chuck bell is standing by the news4 storm center with the latest on your wet monday forecast. >> it seems like we've been talking about waiting on the rain all day long and we're more waiting than looking but nonetheless, the heavy rain not far away with temperatures climbing as the winds continue to increase. our temperature has gone up nearly 10 degrees since 6:00 at night and we're now up into the mid 50s across the area. here's your life doppler and you can see light to at times welcome moderate rain showers moving through the northern sides of the capital beltway. the heavier steadier rains are in the shenandoah valley. the rain and wind will increase during the overnight house and winds from the south and sometimes as much as 30 miles an hour. the heaviest looks behind schedule at 2:00 a.m. to about
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10:00 a.m. in the morning looking at a potential for 1.5 to 2.5" of rain. a lot of rain in a short period of time so flooding potential exists. it may come during the morning rush. more on the extended forecast coming up in a few minutes. thanks. we're following breaking news in lebanon. a commercial airline has crashed into the mediterranean sea. the 737 either yoepian plane disappeared after five minutes from take-off from beirut, 92 passengers were on board that plane and residents on the coast say that they saw a plane on fire crashing into the ocean. the plane was headed to the either yoepian capital where it departed from earlier today. stay with us for late breaking news. and the death toll from the deadly earthquake in haiti is on the rise. the haitian government now says 150,000 people died in the
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quake, just in the port-au-prince area alone. officials fear that the number will go higher as they continue to find bodies in the rubble. the need for aid is growing dire. doctors without border said their teams are seeing more patients with infections and complications following, quote, amateur attempts at treatment after the quake hit. meanwhile, the united states marine corp is in haiti and the military released their video showing them delivering much-needed supplies to the haitian people. here in washington, some local church membertion welcomed home the survivor of the earthquake. the father was in haiti when the earthquake struck and he was able to escape unharmed. tonight he shares his story with darcy spencer who talked to him exclusively. darcy, talk about an amazing story? >> reporter: it certainly was. father jasmine is degree great. he says he's happy to be back but deeply concerned about all the people he left behind.
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>> the house was just shaking and everybody was praying and calling, "jesus, jesus, help us." >> the reverend was welcomed home with tears and warm eembraces. the chaplain for the d.c. haitian community was in haiti when it was rocked by an earthquake nearly two weeks ago. initially feared dead, he's here with good news. >> i was survive because god wants me to live for a little while on this earth. >> father skbraz minimum says he was in house after celebrating a funeral when the earthquake happened. >> it was collapsed in the back. there was a little house in the front, clachs collapsed, also. i was in the middle, in between. >> reporter: he was not hurt but he was stuck, unable to get a
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flight out until saturday night when he returned to the united states. on sunday, he was back at his post at sacred heart, leading the haitian mass. >> i feel happy to be back to join this family and i'm here and i'm worried for the rest of the people i leave. >> reporter: parishioners greeted father jasmine with hand shakes and hugs and their prayers were answered. >> we so happy. i was dancing poup, jumping up, to tell him, welcome home. >> reporter: father jasmine only knows of one way to explain how he was able to get out of haiti. >> god wants me to be here and he found a way to bring me back. >> father jasmine says he wants to go back to haiti but not sure when that will happen but he's thankful for all the prayers from the local haitian
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community. nice to have a good story coming out of there. >> thanks, darcy. thank you. hundreds from fairfax county rallied today to ask the commonwealth to give more money to northern virginia schools. that rally happened at churchill road elementary school in mcclean, virginia. the biggest complaint is classroom size, too many kids in each class for teachers to be effective. their solution? approval from lawmakers for larger piece of the property tax revenue pie, $61 million is needed to close the school budget gap in fairfax county. >> the future of our children rests on our ability to organize, keep us schools strong, our willingness to fund them. >> hundreds plan to take their push to public hearings before the fairfax school board on monday, tuesday and wednesday of this week. a plane that left dulles bound for vegas had to make an emergency landing in denver, colorado last night. a guy tried to open one of the
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plane's doors mid flight. that's when two local men did something. several passengers sprang into action. d.c. attorney and businessman thomas hart was one of them. i talked to him by phone sunday evening. >> he came through the curtain and went to the cock pilt door. and began -- cockpit door and began knocking on the cockpit door saying he wanted to getff the plane. we're already 20,000 feet in the air midway on to las vegas so it didn't make any sense. he didn't stop there. >> reporter: officials stay man who had the outburst then tried to open one of the plane's exterior doors. >> the guy had a brown bag over his shoulder. i grabbed the bag, not knowing what was in it, you know, hoping for god, that it wasn't a bomb. and i told the guy, give me the bag. he wouldn't release the bag. we had to wrestle him to get the bag away. >> northern virginia philanthropist earl stafford also taked down the guy.
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>> earl immediately jumped into action. grabbed the guy by his throat. put his arm behind his back and pulled him away from the door. that0 or 15 seconds before everybody else reacted saved that plane. >> we saw a situation and he jampbed up and we responded to it. >> when he's not playing hero, earl stafford runs the stafford foundation, in fact, just last week he brought comedian big cosko -- bill cosby to town. last year he brought hundreds of bands forred the inauguration. the man who tried to open the door was taken into custody in denver and the fbi says the man had been drinking, a lot, before and during the flight. the obama administration pointed two new members to the metro board today and this could mean new hope to the city's metro stm that's been plagued with safety problems and a looming budget deaf si sit.
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the new members were downy was executive director of the new york transit authority and acosta was an executive with chicago's transit system and both appointmentes are widely seen as good ones. >> we especially welcome, you know, the quality of these appointments. i think they're going to contribute a lot to our deliberations, hopefully, they'll get us more federal money. >> another issue on the horizon for metro, replacing general manager john cato who announced he's resigning in april. coming up on news4 at 11:00, cutting the ice. we're getting a good idea of wheel be representing the u.s. on the olympic skating team next month. and also, he was called but will not serve. find out about a court date president obama says he's just not going to be able to make. and some local folks came up with a unique way to raise money for earthquake relief in haiti. and hakim has sports. a mike james sighting at the verizon center. and the saints, kicking their
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way to super bowl xliv. news4 at 11:00 continues.
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ohio police are searching for a man that shot and killed and elderly become in a church parking lot. the 80 year old woman suffering from cancer was found dead inside her car and police say it appears the woman was robbed before she was shot. police are checking security cameras for clues. president barack obama will have a chance to redefine his position to america. he delivers his first state of the union address. already the president has had tough battles. last week his health care initiative was dealt a major blow and democrats lost the senate seat formerly held by ted kennedy in massachusetts. white house officials say one of the speech's main themes will
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send to get americans back to work. >> what you'll hear from the president is the same thing you heard from him over the past several years and that is that for far too long, people in this country felt like washington was about the special interest and not about them. >> you can watch the state of the union address live on wednesday at 8:00. this time there's a legitimate excuse for missing jury duty. the white house says president obama's name popped up on a jury duty list in cook county, illinois, friday. the white house is notified the court that the president will not be able to serve on a jury, according to the chicago "sun times," theummons contained the president's chicago address. and was for a jury trial set to start tomorrow. when we come back, cutting the ice, we'll hear from skaters who will represent the u.s. at next month's olympics in vancouver. and chuck bell is here and he'll tell us about all the rain that's coming our way. stay with us.
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awe great performance by a virginia skater was not enough to earn her a trip to the olympics next month. ashley wagner call alexandria home. she's one spot short of winning. the two women that will represent the women next month in vancouver. it's a great program and i'm excited about how things went. >> even though we're young we have our big dreams to lead us on and that's what motivates us and hopefully, we can represent the u.s. well at the olympics. >> maria there. you can catch automatic of the olympic action right here on news4 starting next month. love it. >> i love it, too. spinning is my favorite. let's talk about the rain. it feels mike we've been waiting for the rain all day long. no doubt. i promised you earlier tonight i'm 100% sure thing rain was on
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the way and i'm still 100% confident heavy rain is in the forecast. it's just waiting to get here. that's all. right now, cloudy skies over washington and light rain falling and if you haven't been outside since dinnertime, stick your nose out the door and you'll see why i'm so confident. the air mass has changed since 6:00 this evening when we were meyered in the low temperatures. mid 50s and climbing. 56 is the current temperature. dew point tonight is in the 50s and the southeast wind averaging 15 miles an hour. and so far, almost 1 slrk 10 of an inch of rain and rainfall amounts will pile up quickly during the overnight hours. 56 downtown. 56 in fairfax and loudoun untys. 55 in frederick, maryland and
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rainfall amaunounamount, 010. and to the south and west, showers pulling out be month rain across portion of the shen than do what valley and down to portions of central virginia and that rain will lift our way. here, you can see why heavy rain remains in the forecast. this is across the roanoke and new river valleys and it will lift its way northbound over the next eight to 12 hours so we have a slug of very heavy rain on the way. be ready for it. look at all the flash flood watches and all these reds, these are flash flood and flood warnings now from the central shenandoah valley southbound to western north carolina and aupstate stof south carolina. 64 in raleigh. 24-hour change in temperature and we've gone up 20 degrees in the last 24 hours hand the change in dew point, a 20 to 25 degree increase in dew point is over the last 24 hours. so a huge surge of warm air and moisture coming our way. that's the reason the heavy rain remains in the forecast for the
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overnight hours tonight. i think the worse of it now, it's getting pushed back a little bit. 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning meaning the morning commute looks like a very slow and soggy go. no doubt about it. here's the future cast model. by 10:30 tomorrow morning, the heavy rains push to the east of the washington area to the eastern shore of maryland and behind that, clouds will hang around for most of your monday and clearing sky also take place late tomorrow night into the day on tuesday. and then we have a series of reinforcing push of cold air coming our way and it will be a very chilly week ahead. rainfall amounts, i'm still confident, between 1.5 and 2.5" of rain with this system between now and this time tomorrow. your seven-day forecast, temperatures zooming to near 60 degrees for a brief time on monday. then tomorrow afternoon, temperatures start to take a tumble and we'll be in the 40s for gh temperatures for the remainder of the work and school week. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, dry and seasonally cool for this time of year but i'm getting
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more confident now that by the time we get toward friday we might have a rain-snow mix and it will in all likelihood, end as snow so old man winter is not done with us yet. all right. i like that oklahoma kicker. >> coming up next in sports, we know the saints are marching to miami for super bowl xliv. they're going to take on peyton manage and the colts who ended the jets cinderella run.
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on paper it was supposed to
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be a good game and those guys didn't disappoint in new orleans. >> it was fantastic. we were going crazy in the newsroom. >> didn't getuch work done today. >> good thing we didn't have to put a show together. he was like a heavy-weight matchup. both teams came out swiing and didn't stop. answering each and every blow into the overtime. with garrett hartley delivering the final knockout punch or should i say, kick, the saints are super bowl bound, 31-28. drew brees and the saints giving the vikings automatic they could handle. first quarter, down by seven and here comes brees and the saints and dumps it off to pierre thomas and he avoids a tackle or maybe just poor tackling. he gets 38 yards for the touchdown and game tied at seven and, folks, this was just the beginning. third quarter, game tied at 21 and brett favre playing like ironman. and then take i look, folks, at the hit favre takes, tackled
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both high and low. ouch! yes, but favre hangs in there and he's tough. he wears wrang her jeans off the field. fourth quarter, vikings trail 28-21 but they're on the doorstep and peterson muscles his way in for six and the game is tied at 28. so we go to overtime. the saints win the toss. so it was like destiny and on their very first possession garrett hartley from -- chuck bell - >> oklahoma. >> lining up for game winning field goal and 40 yards out, got it. the saints are superdome bound after beang the vikings 31-28 in ot, the biggest kick of garrett hartley's life. >> having the confidence in the team just getting down there and sending me out there just helping my team get to miami. it's all about us doing our part. this is a dream come true. >> i'm proud of just having the chance to coach these guys in a game like this. garrett hit a big kick, obviously, for us and we just
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kept fighting the momentum shifted back and forth and we just kept battling. it was a heck of a game. >> oh, yes, it was. colts quarterback and part-time commercial actor peyton manning is super bowl bound. payton has won the big matchup. manning and his brother, eli, defeated donald trump and his look alike in the over you double stuff racing match. over you is or rio is giving away 150,000 packs of cookies tomorrow. oreo. mark sanchez trying to bm the first rookie qb to lead them. sanchez had it going on and then the pump fake goes up and he's on the sidelines to a wide opened bray when edwards and 80-yard scores strike and the jets on top, 7-3. peyton manning is like, dude,
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i'm good. no problem here. time to queue the comeback. down by 11 and manning drops back and to rookie receiver, austin collie. collie had seven catches, 123 yards and the colts cut the lead to four. the third quarter, this was the play of the game. craig melvin, you know what this is. no defense for a perfect pass. manning to pierre garson and the go-ahead touchdown and a sensational snag. gar son had 11 catches for 150 yabds and the colts move to miami after defeat penguin jets, 30-17 and the third largest comeback in game history. >> we expected a 60-minute grind and that's my word of the day as you can tell. try not to say, obviously. that's been a habit of mine so i'm saying. grind" and that's the way it worked out today. >> all right, well, that was rough, right there. i think right before half when
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they got that touchdown in on us that really took some of the wind out of our sails, and we had a couple of communication problem the is and they decide to execute us. with peyton manning, you can't disrupt his rhythm and we couldn't disrupt it enough. >> so super bowl xliv is set. colts and saints, february 7th. that will be a good one. wizard head couch flip saunders was so desperate he called on mike james to sparq the offense. be mike james is talented but he hadn't played since november. the rest of the team didn't do their part losing to the clippers 92-78 at the verizon center and not very many people were at the game. almost the entire upper deck was empty. first quarter, baron davis, check out this nifty pass behind his head to chris kaymen under the bucket. kaymen scored 20 points. second quarter, here he is. the aforementioned mike james in the game, feeling good.
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hadn't played since november. banks it off the glass and wizards cut the lead to six. in the third, they decided to turn it over. 1 of 18 turnovers in the ball game to shaun steven son and picked off to baron davis and he gets the dunk. one of six guys that scored in double figures. the wizards lose 92-78 and are 14 of 29 overall. >> our starters haven'tiven us i consistent effort to start games and the bench, they talk about playing and wanting play and they've had opportunities and they continue to notroduce at the time they need to. and all i'm asking them to do is come out with energy. and women college hoops, turks take on duke. and under 4:00 to go and maryland down by one. lori drives, pulls up and hits the jumper. turks up 54-53. just over a 1:30 to go and turks still up one.
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bridget gets the shot clock winding down and throws it up and it goes. duke wins by one. 58-57 is the final. all right. chalk full of sports and i'm excited for super bowl xliv. >> you and the rest of the country. >> isn't peyton manning from new orleans? >> it's going to be a hometown matchup. coming up, word that one of hollywood's hottest celebrity couples calling it quits!


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